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Raj Electric Impex

Raj Electric Impex - Authorized Dealers of Atomberg Gorilla Fans Landline: 044-42016482   Mobile: 9840398511   WhatsApp: 8807676162   Email:
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TO BUY GORILLA FANS :  CLICK HERE FEATURE Gorilla Fan Normal Induction Fan               5 Star Power Consumption (W) 28 80 53 Air Delivery (CMM) 230 230 210 Service Value 8.2 2.9 4.0 Number of Units Consumed in 1 Year/Fan 134.4 384 254.4 Total Bill (Rs 6/ Unit) 806.4 2304 1526.4 Yearly Savings N/A 1498 720

Smart Remote for the smart you!

REMOTE CONTROL FEATURES 12 Keys Sleep mode - Reduces 1 speed after every 2 hours Timer Mode - Turns off after set number of hours Boost mode - Cools your room faster Speed Control - Control the speed Power on/off without getting up from your place Can also be purchased separately FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW TO PURCHASE, PLEASE CONTACT US NOW!
Why Gorilla Fans? Atomberg gorilla fans are India's most Energy Efficient fans! And here are more reasons to switch to Gorilla Fans Uses only 28 W power. So it runs 3 times longer on inverter Noiseless and smooth operation. High-speed airflow Does not get heated up even after running for a long time. Consistent and steady performance even at low voltage and power fluctuations. Three years extended warranty. Raj Electric Impex  is an authorized dealer of Atomberg gorilla fans CONTACT US NOW!  
The primary reason most of us want to conserve energy at home or at our offices could be to cut down our electricity bills. But, how many of us know that beyond trying to save money, we are also helping our Mother Earth by conserving energy? Electricity consumed in this world is generated from fossil or hydro powerplants. * India's electricity sector is dominated by fossil fuels, and in particular coal, which in 2016 produced about three fourths of all electricity. Fossil fuels are non-renewable and by saving energy we are indeed helping reduce the use of non-renewable fossil fuels.  Our Fans are India's most energy efficient fans. They consumes only 28 watts at full speed, reducing power consumption by 65%. By, switching to our energy efficient fans, you'll not only be cutting down on your EB bills, but will also be a little bit more friendly to our mother earth.  (* Ref :